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Hi All,

As I sit here typing away using just two fingers you can imagine what I’m going through. Trying to update my website and facebook page when you don’t really know what you are doing then that also works against you. It makes me think I wish I’d taken more notice when we did computers at school (or should I say Computer as there was only one in the School) I know for the  younger generation looking at this on there Ipads that they have had provided by School, there was a time before the internet and computers. I had a conversation  the other day about when I was younger and if I wanted a quiet chat with a Girlfriend then I had to give her the number to the nearest phone box and get her to ring there otherwise you had your parents and siblings listening in not to mention the people on the party line. Anyway listen to me moaning  looks like I’ve got done what I wanted to achieve tonight back to the magic.


Bye for now



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